Sleep Hygiene

One of the most easy strategies to set yourself up for better sleep is to pay attention to sleep hygiene.

Proper sleep hygiene entails a sleeping environment as well as daily activities that encourage regular, uninterrupted sleep. Having a consistent sleep schedule, a comfortable and distraction-free bedroom, a soothing pre-bed ritual, and developing healthy behaviors during the day can all help you achieve optimal sleep hygiene.

Every sleeper can personalize their sleep hygiene habits to meet their specific requirements. In the process, you'll be able to develop beneficial habits that will make it easier for you to sleep deeply all night and wake up refreshed.

Why Is It Important?

Sleep is beneficial to both physical and mental health, as well as productivity and overall quality of life. Everyone can benefit from better sleep, from youngsters to the elderly, and sleep hygiene can help them achieve that aim.

Forming excellent behaviors is a crucial element of health, according to research1. Creating long-term and beneficial routines helps healthy habits feel nearly effortless, resulting in a positive reinforcement loop. Bad behaviors, on the other hand, can become ingrained even when they have negative effects.

Thankfully, humans have an amazing ability to make our routines work for us in the long run. Creating an atmosphere and a set of habits that support our objectives can be really beneficial.

Both are included in sleep hygiene.

Optimizing sleep hygiene is low-cost and low-risk, making it an important aspect of a public health strategy to address America's major problems with insufficient sleep and insomnia.